If you haven’t been following computer security news lately, then you may have missed Apple’s recent security crisis. The Flashback virus infected hundreds of thousands of iOS based computers around the world before finally being quashed by Apple in a recent security update. Because Apple took nearly three months longer than other software companies (including Microsoft and Linux-based operating systems) to respond to the crisis, its users were left in critical danger.

The Flashback virus hijacked iOS-based computers and transformed them into a massive botnet. Using this botnet, a team of hackers was able to perform all sorts of evil deeds. They could crack encrypted servers using the combined processing power of the infected computers, or they could utilize its bandwidth in order to upload illegal files online without being personally responsible.

Ultimately, Flashback has destroyed the misconceived notion that Apple computers are immune to viruses. Fortunately, antivirus software companies have leapt in to bolster Apple users’ lost faith.

Today, several major antivirus manufacturers are working hard to develop antimalware tools for the Mac operating system. This can include anything from Flashback removal tools (which are freely available from Apple) to complete security suites and firewalls. While free antivirus software has been available for Macs for a little while, the operating system has yet to see a complete suite of top-quality security tools.

Whether you’re using an iOS-based computer or a PC, users can no longer rely on free antivirus software to do the job for them. Instead, they’re going to need to invest in high-quality antimalware removal tools that can effectively protect their computers from today’s malicious phishing attempts, code injection applets, and other types of dangerous applications.

Put simply, the internet is an incredibly dangerous place for everybody. However, that risk if magnified a hundred times if you don’t use good quality antivirus software.

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