Avira is in a pool of hot water today after a recent update turned thousands of its users’ computers into bricks. A server pack released on Monday tricked the popular antivirus program into thinking that essential Windows operating system files were actually malicious processes, thus disabling them and shutting down the user’s computer.

This update rendered most Windows computers inoperable. Since then, a quick fix has been issued. The Avira update didn’t just attack essential Windows operating system files. It also disabled Microsoft Office applications and harmless programs like Google Updater.

It didn’t take long for Avira’s forums to flood with angry customers. In fact, the company was so inundated with calls and requests that it “ground to a standstill.” Eventually, Avira was able to pull the problematic update and issue an immediate security pack.

While many apologies were issued, Avira’s blunder will no doubt have a permanent impact on its reputation. How did an update like this make it out of the testing phase?

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