If you’re subscribed to a restrictive Internet Service Provider, then you don’t want to risk going over your bandwidth limit each month. ISPs charge hefty fines on each additional gigabyte of data you download per month beyond your plan, and that means your internet bill could add up to hundreds of dollars if you’re not careful.

Today, we’re going to help you prevent that problem by showing you how to monitor your total internet bandwidth usage.

Step 1

Download and install a free program called NetWorx. If you’re trying to monitor bandwidth across your home network, you can install it on your main computer and on every other computer in your house.

The installation process for Networx is fairly straightforward. However, be sure to choose the right network connection that connects to the internet. At this stage of the installation process, you should see a dropdown list of all sorts of different drivers and devices. Be sure to choose the one that actually connects to your internet, as selecting ‘All connections’ will also monitor the interactions between Bluetooth devices, miniport software, and other devices, making your readings inaccurate.

Step 2

NetWorx should now be running in your system tray. If you hover your mouse cursor over the icon, you’ll see the current amount of traffic passing through your computer’s network connection. Head to the Settings menu to see some additional options. From here, you can tell NetWorx to display your daily, weekly, or monthly traffic reports. Find the Main menu and then select Tray Icon Information to do this.

Step 3

You can also set up NetWorx to ignore data when you’re outside of a certain network. This is useful if you take your laptop to university, for example, and use the bandwidth there.

To do this, head to Settings > Main > Networks and then select the network that you want to monitor the bandwidth on. Check the radial button that says “Only networks selected below.”

Step 4

If you have multiple PCs in the house, then it’s time to sync them up and monitor their total data usage. This way, every user in the house will be able to see how much bandwidth the household has used up in a particular week or month.

First, you need to have NetWorx installed on every PC in your home. Then, you need to go to Settings > Advanced and find the Synchronize usage data option. This can be found in the Synchronization setting located at the bottom of the settings box.

Step 5

For the fifth and final step, you need to generate a report at the end of each month that tells you your bandwidth. Right click on the NetWorx icon and click on Usage Statistics.  Then, find the Monthly Report tab.  Select the Export button and then choose to export it as an HTML file or a Word or Excel document. You can also choose options for plain text and CVS.

There you go! Using NetWorx and following the steps listed above, it’s easy to keep track of how much internet bandwidth your household is using up each month.


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