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Identity protection in PC Cleaner Pro

One of the most popular features in PC Cleaner Pro is its identity protection tool. Unfortunately, many people still live in the digital dark ages and don’t believe that they need to protect their identity on the PC. Today, having a good password and antivirus software isn’t always enough to protect your identity on the internet. Instead, you’re going to have to take extra steps to secure your PC and prevent damage to your personal and financial health.

Why is identity protection important?

There are new identity theft stories being seen on the news every day. Sometimes, it’s a major corporation that has been hacked, revealing hundreds of thousands of sensitive user account files. Other times, it’s a single user’s PC that has been hacked. Whatever the case may be, your information on the internet is never as secure as you think it is.

What does a program like PC Cleaner Pro do to protect my identity?

While PC Cleaner Pro contains a specialized identity protection tool, it also protects your identity in a number of other ways. By cleansing your PC of malware and eliminating unnecessary – or even dangerous – background applications, PC Cleaner Pro comprehensively protects your security and the security of your computer.

Put simply, all the elements that slow down your computer, including a crowded hard drive and unoptimized registry, can also be causes of identity theft. The easier it is for a hacker to infect a file on your computer, the higher chance there is that your identity will be stolen.

You can’t trust every program you download from the internet. There are too many free, low-quality software programs that are designed to steal your identity as opposed to heal your PC. When you download PC Cleaner Pro, you know that your identity is safe and that the program will not try to harm your PC in any other way. When you download other programs from the internet, that is not always the case.

Whether you’ve already had your identity stolen in the past, or you haven’t yet taken steps to protect yourself in the event of identity theft, PC Cleaner Pro 2012 is a required program in this day and age.


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