We covered news about the Flame virus a few days ago. However, as of yet, there is still no official cure for the dangerous malware. With hundreds of thousands of lines of code, the Flame virus is incredibly complex, and that is making it difficult to eliminate.

However, Iran has announced it has produced a program that can fight off the problematic virus. Since Iran was the country most hard-hit by Flame, this is a very important development.

Iran’s cyber warfare efforts have been in the news a lot lately. Last year, the strange Stuxnet virus wreaked havoc in Iran’s nuclear system, and the perfect timing of that virus led many to point fingers at Israel and the United States.

Nevertheless, the development of antivirus software like this is incredibly good news for Iran – and for the rest of the world. Since Flame has the ability to monitor and record everything you do on your computer, including the ability to use your webcam and microphone, it had frightening implications on global PC security. The Flame virus is currently concentrated in the Middle East, although reports of infected computers in the rest of the world are growing.

With the announcement of a Flame antivirus solution earlier today, Iran once again blamed Israel and the United States for launching the virus into their systems. Interestingly enough, Israel didn’t exactly deny launching the virus, instead claiming that it’s “reasonable that whoever sees the Iranian threat as significant would use various measures, including this, to hurt it.”

Regardless of where you stand on international politics, let’s hope for everybody’s sake that the Flame antivirus is as effective as Iran claims. If it’s not, then the PC security world has a lot more work to do.


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