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New Windows 8 preview leaked in China

The original Windows 8 beta has been out for months. However, the thing about beta versions is that they are continuously being tweaked and upgraded. The next Windows 8 Release Preview wasn’t going to be shown until sometime next week. However, a Chinese version was recently leaked, giving users an early glimpse at some of the new Windows 8 features.

The most notable change in the next version of Windows 8 is the updated boot screen. There is also support for multiple monitors, advanced wallpapers, Metro apps, and all sorts of other goodies.

Oh, and despite initial reports that Windows 8 was phasing out the Aero Glass interface, there appears to be an option to enable it. This is a welcome change for many users, as the new, opaque menu system appeared to be a return to the earlier days of Windows.

To see a full list of the screenshots released for Windows 8, check out this thread on PC Beta. It’s in Chinese, but there are plenty of images for you to check out.

With Windows 8 coming out this fall, these new screenshots make it look like Microsoft is increasingly refining its clear, clean-looking interface. Hopefully, official news about the next Windows 8 release will be announced early next week.


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