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Optimizing your computer’s memory with PC Cleaner Pro

One of the major selling features of PC Cleaner Pro is that it optimizes your memory. As you probably know, memory is one of the key factors that determines the speed of your PC. Low memory can cause your computer to stutter while using resource-intensive programs, and it could make it virtually impossible to run multiple programs at the same time.

If you don’t want to pay for a pricey memory upgrade – or worry about installing extra RAM sticks into your system – then there is an easy way to speed up your PC. By using PC Cleaner Pro’s innovative memory optimization application, you can easily reclaim your PC from the clutches of old age and make it run like its brand new again.

However, when buying memory optimization software like PC Cleaner Pro, it’s important to remember that RAM cannot necessarily be ‘optimized’. From the day you buy it, RAM is in its most optimized state. And, it doesn’t really degrade as you use your PC over time. For that reason, many PC software programs that promise to ‘optimize your RAM’ are being dishonest.

This is why PC Cleaner Pro is different. Instead of optimizing RAM on your PC, it optimizes other parts of your memory. You may have heard of something called the Windows Page File. The Page File works in conjunction with your PC’s RAM supply to ensure that your computer continues to work smoothly.

Since the Page File is located on your computer’s hard drive, it can’t be accessed as quickly as RAM. This means that your computer will only draw upon your Page File during special circumstances – like if you’re running several resource-intensive programs. Of course, even when running smaller programs, your computer may have to borrow resources from the Page File occasionally, and a good mixture of Page File and RAM usage can lead to a healthy, optimized PC.

The important thing to know about the Page File is that it CAN be optimized. Since its located on your computer’s hard drive, it is susceptible to all of the normal conditions of hard drive wear and tear. While Windows generally keeps the Page File’s components stored together on the hard drive, portions of it can still become defragmented over time.

More importantly, the size of your Page File can be easily adjusted. And for most computer users, it can be safely increased to optimize your computer’s speed. Increasing the size of your Page File can be difficult for the average user, but it’s easy for a program like PC Cleaner Pro. By scanning your computer’s most important settings, it can optimize the memory in your Page File and leave your memory working faster than ever before.

So what did we learn today? Well, programs that promise to optimize your computer’s RAM are rarely telling the truth. And, because PC Cleaner Pro promises to optimize your computer’s memory, as opposed to its RAM, the program is able to fulfill on its promises during every single scan.

If you’re ready to reclaim your PC’s performance and restore its speed back to the point it was at when you bought it, then PC Cleaner Pro is the most important program you will ever buy.


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