One of the major reasons why people dislike buying PCs from big brand manufacturers like HP is the presence of bloatware. Don’t you hate it when you buy a PC, only to find that your manufacturer has installed a bunch of programs that you never use? To make things worse, many of these programs are just trial versinos that will last for 30 days or, as is the case with some games, less than an hour.

This is called ‘bloatware’ and it’s a major problem with PCs. It slows down your computer and increases its startup time by a huge amount. In many cases, it tricks users into thinking they have good antivirus software installed, when in reality, it’s just a trial. For all of these reasons, PC users hate bloatware.

Unfortunately, the bloatware trend looks like it will continue when Windows 8 PCs hit the market later this year. And, if you want Microsoft to clean your PC of this bloatware, it’s going to cost a startling $99 for their ‘Signature Upgrade’ service.

Obviously, Microsoft doesn’t put bloatware on their PCs itself. However, they should consider making it illegal for PC manufacturers to install all their crappy programs. It makes the Windows interface look messy and significantly impacts PC performance, which ultimately reflects poorly on the Windows brand itself. Since Windows 8 is aiming for a sleek new look with the Metro user interface, bloatware could significantly tarnish the brand’s image.

PC users aren’t completely left out in the cold by bloatware. Most of it can be easily uninstalled by going to your ‘uninstall programs’ menu. However, if you want an easier way to uninstall all of your bloatware programs, then try out a free application called PC Decrapifier. Or, if you want to speed up your PC even further, why not download your free trial of PC Cleaner Pro.

Sure, Windows 8 will continue to have bloatware installed from Day 1 by manufacturers. But that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world. Using Decrapifier and PC Cleaner Pro, you can make your computer run faster than you ever thought possible.


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