Today, computer users can no longer rely on basic PC security tools in order to get the job done. Instead, they need to invest in a complete suite of PC security software that will effectively prevent their computer from being damaged by today’s most dangerous viruses.

With individual hacking attacks on the rise and more and more computers being targeted every day by malware and phishing schemes, there has never been a better – or more important – time to purchase software that protects your PC.

One of the best ways to protect your PC is to use a firewall and antivirus combination. A software suite like this packs a one-two punch in terms of virus fighting effectiveness. Not only will it prevent dangerous malware from seeping into your system and monitoring your activity, but it will also prevent individual hacking attacks from breaking through computer’s wall of security and wreaking untold amounts of havoc on your life.

What can viruses and hackers do to you?

A lot of people think that viruses and hackers will never affect their lives. It’s easy to read about PC security in your local newspaper or hear about them on TV and believe that they will never affect you. The truth is that people who think they can’t get infected rarely take precautions to defend their computer. As a result, they are the group most likely to come under attack from a virus.

Once your computer becomes a target, everything you do on your computer becomes compromised. Whether you shop online, bank, or simply send emails online, it only takes a few seconds for hackers to gain access to your accounts and steal your identity.

But I already have Windows’ built-in Firewall. Why do I need another firewall?

As powerful as the Windows Firewall may be, it still poses a threat to your system’s security. Why? Well, when hackers want to access your Windows-based computer, they will assume that you have the Windows Firewall installed. For that reason, they will design their attack specifically to get around that Firewall. There are very few Firewalls that cannot be broken by a team of hackers, and if hackers know that you’re running a specific firewall, their job becomes a lot easier.

When you install a third-party firewall, you throw off these hackers. Instead of seeing your computer as an easy target, they’ll move on to another user who is stuck using the default firewall. Congratulations, you have just protected your PC from a dangerous security threat!


For all of these reasons, it’s important to invest in an antivirus software plus firewall combination. This one-two punch will prevent your computer from coming under attack in so many different ways and will provide you with the security you need for years into the future.

Not all antivirus programs come with firewalls, but the ones that do usually offer a higher level of value – assuming that the firewall does its job properly. To download your free trial of PC Cleaner Pro 2012 and improve your PC’s security, click HERE.




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