Any legitimate software company will display a number of different certifications on their website. But do all of these certifications actually mean anything? Or are they just designed to lure the user in with a false sense of security?

Today, we’re going to tell you what some of these software certifications actually mean – and why you should pay attention to them before buying any program.

Microsoft certification

First, many companies will prominently display their status as a Microsoft Partner. Choosing a company that is certified by Microsoft is very important, as it ensures you that the program you’re dealing with is optimized for the Windows operating system. Microsoft will display its business rankings on its Pinpoint server, which contains a listing of recent reviews, competencies & certifications, as well as other important information about the company. Put simply, if you’re downloading a program for your PC, there is no better source of authority than Microsoft.

Independent review certifications

Another type of certification decal that many PC software companies use is the independent review decal. This tells website visitors that the software program has been authorized by a certain review site. Usually, if a software company chooses to display a review emblem, they’re doing so because they received a positive review from that reviewer. For example, you may see ‘5 out of 5 stars’ from ABC Review Network.

Ultimately, the more positive reviews a software program has, the more you can trust them to deliver top-quality performance to your PC.

Laboratory testing certifications

If you’re purchasing antivirus software, then you should pay careful attention to the laboratory testing certifications that each program receives. Many antivirus companies send their software away to be tested by independent PC security experts. In a lab, these PC security experts will rigorously test each and every aspect of the software program to ensure that it performs as promised. Once finished, they’ll assign a score to that program. Users can compare the scores across different antivirus programs to find which one offers the best level of protection.

Better Business Bureau

You’ve probably heard of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They rank businesses across North Amerca based on a number of different factories. They take into account things like customer satisfaction, company honesty, and other practices. Ideally, the software company you’re dealing with will have an A+ BBB rating, which indicates the best possible score. If a company is awarded an A+ ranking, then they may choose to display this information on their website.

Editor’s Picks and other indicators of quality

There are so many different PC certification decals that a software company can choose to display on their website. You may see Editor’s Picks, for example, along with other indicators of quality. On some websites, a company may advertise how many times their software has been downloaded, or how many viruses it has helped to prevent.

Whichever indicators of quality you look for, be sure to take a careful look at whatever software company you decide to work with. When it comes to the performance and security of your PC, you simply cannot afford to take a risk.


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