If you’ve ever been on the internet, then you’ve most likely had cookies installed on your computer. Cookies allow people to track you on the internet. They show companies what you’re doing, which websites you’re visiting, and what kind of advertisements you would most likely respond to.

Online tracking is so widespread that many of us don’t even think about it. Others just assume that they’re being tracked at all times on the internet. Whatever your personal opinion on the matter may be, online tracking poses a serious threat to your security. With online identity theft skyrocketing, there has never been a better time to learn how about who is tracking you online.

This is where a free Firefox extension called Collusion comes in handy. Developed by Mozilla itself, Collusion displays a web of interconnected websites that are all tracking you. The web in the picture below was created after just 10 minutes on some of the world’s most popular websites. It shows the logos of over 50 different web companies.

And here’s the scary part: you don’t even have to travel anywhere near those websites in order to get tracking software installed on your computer. The advertisements on pages like BBC.com will install special third-party tracking software on your computer that follows you all around the internet.

Check out Collusion by clicking here.

So what’s the best way to prevent these companies from tracking you? Well, installing good ad-blocking software certainly helps, but a few cookies are bound to slip through. With that in mind, the best way to prevent these companies from stealing your information or selling it to advertisement agencies is to frequently clear your cookies and cache files.

To clear out all of these tracking files and other junk from your computer, the best solution is to scan your computer with PC Cleaner Pro. As the world’s number one PC cleaning software, it will only take a few seconds to rid your computer of all sorts of different problems.


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