If you’ve been getting excited about the Windows 8 release date creeping closer and closer, then you’ll be pleased to note that a release date has been set for Windows 8-based tablets. While Microsoft has not yet officially announced anything, MaximumPC is reporting that an unnamed source claims the tablets will hit retail stores in November.

Expectations are high for Microsoft’s next-generation Windows tablets. Some are calling it game-changing and claim that it could completely alter the mobile industry while snatching away market share from Apple and Android.

Major PC manufacturers like HP are more than ready to start developing Windows 8-based tablets, and the company apparently sees great potential in the devices.

Windows 8 tablets sport a number of unique benefits and are sure to appeal to those who are tired of the Android and iOS interfaces. Here are a few of their advantages:

-10 touch interface: instead of being limited to a measly two-point touch system, Windows tablets will have a 10-point touch interface, allowing users to place all ten fingers on their keyboard at any one time. If you need more than a ten-point touch screen interface, then you’re either a mutant or you like pecking away at your tablet with your nose.

-Hybrid tablet and notebook devices: Check out this recently released shot of a Windows 8 tablet PC/notebook hybrid device. I don’t know about you, but I think that looks pretty cool. It also means that users won’t be restricted to a touchscreen keyboard if they have to type up notes at a presentation or in a lecture.

Powerful Intel processor: Windows 8 tablets will feature Intel’s Clover Trail Atom processor. This will be Intel’s first dual-core Atom (i.e. mobile) chip built using the 32nm manufacturing process. A single-core version of this processor will also be seen in Windows 8-based smartphones.

Unique and useful user interface: Instead of copying the UI of iPhone or Android devices, Windows 8 has forged its own path. Its touch-centric interface will appeal to many users, and the colorful tiles that open each app can be arranged to your heart’s content.

Easily run multiple applications: Thanks to Windows 8’s ability to snap apps to either side of the screen, multi-tasking is an absolute breeze. Simply drag a window to the right or left side of the screen to snap it into place.

Multi-monitor support: Want to hook up your tablet to multiple monitors? With Windows 8 tablet PCs, you can!

And more: Better web navigation, extensive customization options, and a streamlined control panel are also features that will no doubt attract users to Windows 8 tablets. If you’re ready to make the switch, or if you’re buying a tablet for the first time, look for Windows 8 based tablets to hit the shelves this coming November.


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