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How to Delete Junk Files


Junk files slow down computers and cause major PC errors. As PCs get older, more and more junk files collect on the hard drive. These junk files make it difficult for the PC’s software and hardware components to work efficiently, leading to slow startup times and performance problems.

Our recommended solution is to download and install the Repair Tool. This tool has been designed to delete junk files and fine tune PCs for maximum reliability. During a scan, this tool optimizes PC memory, cleans the registry, and improves overall system security and performance.
Download available to delete junk files
Recommended: To delete junk files, use this software package: PC Cleaner Pro. This repair tool has been proven to remove junk files and fix thousands of Windows problems with very high efficiency.
File Size 5.1MB (About 3 seconds on broadband connection
Requirements (Windows XP / Vista / 7 (32/64 bit) / 8 (32/64 bit)
Downloads 105,301+
Download Time dsl, 5 sec, dialup 3 min)

Why are junk files such a serious problem? Over time, every PC collects junk files. At first, junk files may seem like a minor annoyance. But eventually, junk files cause noticeable PC slowdown problems. Junk files lead to slow startups and can even weaken system security, making it easier for viruses to penetrate system defenses. In short, junk files make it difficult for the most important parts of your PC to do their job.
PC Cleaner Pro is a suite of software tools designed specifically for PC optimization. Deleting unnecessary junk files is a major part of improving PC performance. During the junk file deletion process, PC Cleaner Pro identifies files that the computer is not using and instantly deletes those files. These files are hidden deep within the Windows Registry and other hard drive locations, which means users are guaranteed not to miss the files once they’re gone.
During a scan, PC Cleaner Pro may identify hundreds of even thousands of large junk files that can safely be deleted from the system. After being deleted, PC users will experience noticeably faster performance in all parts of their PC – from the Windows startup process to internet browser performance. And to make PC Cleaner Pro even better, it does more than just delete junk files: it also identifies thousands of other areas where PC performance and security can be improved, and then it fixes those areas with just a single click.
Whether you’re an advanced computer user or a complete beginner, it’s easy to appreciate the simple effectiveness with which PC Cleaner Pro goes to work. Anyone can download the free trial today to experience the PC error fixing effectiveness that PC Cleaner Pro has to offer.