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How to Fix Object Errors


Object errors cause poor PC performance, system crashes, freezes, and other serious issues. Object errors are generally caused by a missing or corrupt program file. Since the ‘object’ is missing, Windows has no choice but to deliver an object error message.

Our recommended solution is to download and install the Repair Tool. This tool has been designed to diagnose and repair object errors while simultaneously increasing system performance, optimizing memory, and fine tuning PCs for maximum reliability.
Download available to fix object errors
Recommended: To repair object errors, use this software package: PC Cleaner Pro. This repair tool has been proven to identify and fix object errors and other Windows problems with very high efficiency.
File Size 5.1MB (About 3 seconds on broadband connection
Requirements (Windows XP / Vista / 7 (32/64 bit) / 8 (32/64 bit)
Downloads 114,231+
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Why do object errors occur? Object errors occur because Windows can’t find the critical program data it needs to execute a function. If a program needs a certain file to start, and Windows can’t find that file, then Windows may display an object error. Sometimes, object errors make it impossible to use a program, while in other cases, they simply slow down PC performance and lock users out of certain functions.
In many cases, object errors indicate a problem with the Windows operating system itself. Users might see an object error on startup, for example. PC Cleaner Pro fixes object errors with a high rate of efficiency. With just a few clicks, users can scan their system, identify errors, and permanently fix them. Once the repair process is complete, users will enjoy a system free of object errors and performance problems.
PC Cleaner Pro noticeably improves the speed and security of any PC by fixing thousands of different errors. What’s the secret behind PC Cleaner Pro’s success? The main element behind PC Cleaner Pro’s success is its commitment to deep registry scanning. Many object errors have their roots in the registry. A corrupt or missing registry entry may tell Windows to look for a file that doesn’t exist. When this happens, Windows inevitably displays an object error. After a simple registry scan with PC Cleaner Pro, this problem disappears, allowing users to enjoy a fast, clean, and healthy PC.