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How to Fix Slow Startup


Nobody likes waiting several minutes for a PC to start up. If you’ve noticed PC startup times increase since the day you first bought your PC, then it may be a sign of a number of serious PC problems. Symptoms of slow startups include abnormally long load times, error messages during startup, and any other strange PC problems.

Our recommended solution is to download and install the Repair Tool. This tool has been designed to fix slow startup problems on any type of PC. The tool speeds up boot times while enhancing system security, removing junk files, and fine tuning the computer for maximum reliability.
Download available to fix slow startup
Recommended: To fix slow startup, use this software package: PC Cleaner Pro. This repair tool has been proven to fix slow startup problems and other Windows issues with very high efficiency.
File Size 5.1MB (About 3 seconds on broadband connection
Requirements (Windows XP / Vista / 7 (32/64 bit) / 8 (32/64 bit)
Downloads 105,319+
Download Time dsl, 5 sec, dialup 3 min)

What causes slow startup problems? Sometimes, slow startup problems are simply caused by having an old PC. Junk files and old software can build up on older systems, forcing the computer to work extra hard during intense periods – like startup. In other cases, slow startup problems can be the early warning signs of a serious virus problem. No matter why slow startup times exist, it’s important to fix these problems and restore PC performance and security.
PC Cleaner Pro does all of that and more. One simple scan with PC Cleaner Pro can reveal thousands of PC problems. Some of these problems are minor and do not require immediate attention, while other problems are critical and need to be solved immediately. Users can fix all of these problems with PC Cleaner Pro simply by clicking the ‘Fix All’ button.
The secret behind PC Cleaner Pro’s success is its commitment to a clean and healthy Windows Registry. The Windows Registry is home to hundreds of thousands of critical system files. These files control all the programs on your PC as well as the Windows operating system itself – and most importantly, the startup sequence. If you’re serious about fixing a slow startup problem, then you’ll want to download PC Cleaner Pro as soon as possible. And since you own the software for life, users enjoy fast startup times for the rest of their PC’s lifetime.