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How to Remove a Boot Sector Virus


Symptoms of a boot sector virus include difficulty starting up a PC, long startup times, and frequent errors, freezes, and slowdowns. Boot sector viruses are incredibly frustrating. And, since they affect the deepest level of the Windows operating system – the boot sector – they can also be difficult to remove.

Our recommended solution is to download and install the Repair Tool. This tool has been designed to remove boot sector viruses and enhance overall PC security in hundreds of different ways. This Repair Tool also fine tunes PCs for maximum reliability and performance.
Download available to remove a boot sector virus
Recommended: To remove a boot sector virus, use this software package: PC Cleaner Pro. This repair tool has been proven to identify and remove boot sector viruses and other PC problems with very high efficiency.
File Size 5.1MB (About 3 seconds on broadband connection
Requirements (Windows XP / Vista / 7 (32/64 bit) / 8 (32/64 bit)
Downloads 106,068+
Download Time dsl, 5 sec, dialup 3 min)

What causes boot sector viruses and PC errors? Both types of problems can be caused by thousands of different things. Sometimes, boot sector viruses are spread through email or infected websites. In other cases, they’re installed through direct hacker attacks on your system. Boot sector viruses come in a number of different varieties, and once they’ve embedded themselves onto the boot sector of your system, it can be difficult to use your computer the way you want to use it.
If you’re growing frustrated with long startup times, or worse, the inability to start up your system at all, then you need PC Cleaner Pro. PC Cleaner Pro is a suite of PC optimization tools designed to alleviate many types of PC performance problems. After scanning a system with PC Cleaner Pro, users are surprised to discover just how fast their computer can run. PC Cleaner Pro can show users how to remove a boot sector virus with a single click of the mouse. And once that virus is removed, your startup problems should instantly be solved.
PC Cleaner Pro is easy for PC users of all skill levels to use. The program goes to work quickly and doesn’t stop until the PC has been optimized to its maximum potential. The secret behind PC Cleaner Pro’s success is its commitment to scanning the depths of Windows for any potential sources of errors. PC Cleaner Pro focuses its search on the Windows Registry, a complex database of hundreds of thousands of files that can often cause errors throughout the entire PC. Those who are ready to enjoy using a safe, clean, and fast PC can download a free trial PC Cleaner Pro today.