While Facebook’s IPO may have been disappointing, that hasn’t stopped the social media giant from continuing to expand its business ventures. If rumors are to be believed, Facebook has been seeking out top-level talent for work on a new Facebook phone.

Sources claim that Facebook has been nosing around Silicon Valley for mobile hardware experts and has hired several ex-Apple employees. These employees worked on either the iPhone or the iPad and clearly know how to attract tech-savvy consumers to new electronics.

A Facebook smartphone isn’t a new rumor. Last year, various tech websites reported that Facebook had contacted HTC to build a smartphone that revolved around Facebook and its users. The project was reportedly code-named Buffy. Websites like DigiTimes still claim that a Facebook HTC phone is due out later this year.

Since Facebook smartphones have been rumored since 2010, it’s important to take all of these new rumors with a large grain of salt. Since few details of the project have been released, who knows how much development has been done on the Facebook phone – if any at all. When a Facebook representative was asked about the project, he declined to comment by saying “We don’t comment on rumors and speculation.”

It’s interesting to note that Facebook’s smartphone rumors come soon after Google officially being a hardware company. Earlier this week, Google announced that they had acquired Motorola Mobility.

Are you sick and tired of Facebook? Or can you not get enough of it? Let us know in the comments what you think of the possibility of a Facebook phone!


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