Who wants to spend more time than necessary fixing their computer? Nobody? Okay. Unfortunately, one of the key parts of owning a PC is performing regular maintenance on it. Maintenance tasks include things like defragmenting your hard drive, optimizing your internet speed, deleting unnecessary files, and cleaning your registry. But what if you don’t have time to do all of these separate tasks? What if you simply wanted to press a few buttons and have your PC in optimum shape in no time at all?

Thankfully, that dream is now a reality. Software programs are increasingly offering all-in-one solutions for your PC troubles. For example, some antivirus software contains a defragmenting tool, and some registry cleaners include a system optimizer. As a consumer, this trend is good news for you. The more programs that are included in a piece of software, the more value you are getting for your money. Of course, your PC will also be much faster and healthier than it has ever been before.

Many of these programs also include the magical ‘one-click-fix’, which automatically runs a number of different programs in order to completely fix, speed up, and optimize your computer. There is nothing simpler than clicking a button and watching your PC cycle through a number of different tasks, each of which is improving the performance and lifespan of your computer. By the end of the process, your PC will run noticeably faster, and should be free of any malware that you may have collected over the years. And, of course, your registry will be completely cleaned and optimized.

In terms of Registry Cleaners, one of the best programs with multi-functionality is Registry Mechanic 2011, which includes malware protection, anti-identity theft tools, and a disk defragmenting, along with all the tools you need to optimize your registry. As mentioned above, the more features there are on one program, the more value you get for your money. For that reason, downloading an all-in-one registry cleaner like this is one of the most important things you can do to your PC.


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